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Policies and agreements

The User uses the Website in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Agreement and the Personal data collection and processing policy (hereinafter - the “Policy”).

In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Agreement and the Policy, the terms of the Agreement shall apply.

All actions performed by the User on the Website are considered to be performed by the User personally.

The Website is provided on an “as is” basis.

The User assumes all risks associated with the use of the Website.

The Company does not give any explicit or implied guarantees to the User with regard to the Website and (or) information posted on the Website, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, photos, etc., which belong to the Company or third parties (hereinafter - the Content). The Company does not guarantee (including, but not limited to): suitability for specific purposes (including commercial), safety and security, accuracy, completeness, performance, system integration, uninterrupted operation, absence of errors, correction of failures, legality of use in any territories outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The operators of wired and wireless communication networks, through which access to the Website is provided, affiliated entities, suppliers, and agents do not provide any warranties in relation to the Website.

The terms of participation in events organized by the Company are governed by the Rules of Participation in Events.

To attend the Conference, the User completes a free registration by using the registration form located on the Website.

The User is prohibited from:

  • attempting to access another User's personal data by any means, including (but not limited to) deception, abuse of trust, or hacking of the Website.
  • Engaging in any actions, including those of a technical nature, aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Website.
  • Using any technical means to collect and process information on the Website, including the personal data of other Users.
  • Attempting to circumvent established technical restrictions.
  • Copying, modifying, preparing derivative works, decompiling, disassembling, or attempting to uncover the source code, or making any other modifications to the Website.
  • Misleading other Users or the Company in any way.
  • Impersonating another person or their representative without sufficient authority, including the Company or its employees, as well as using any other forms and methods of illegal representation of others.
  • Using phone numbers, mailing addresses, E-mail addresses to send spam, messages of commercial and non-commercial nature.
  • Using the content posted on the Website, including (but not limited to) text, images, and graphic elements.
  • Using the Company's trademarks. The Website may also contain trademarks of third parties. Such trademarks are posted on the Website solely for informational purposes. The Company is not the owner of such trademarks. Using such trademarks is also prohibited.
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